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0161 Festival Crew Interview


Redstar73 Blog: Please can you introduce the festival and the crew.
0161 Festival Crew: 0161 Festival came together with an idea to create a festival that went beyond a normal ´punk festival´ it was always about uniting people under anti-fascism regardless of where you come from and the music you like. Many of the people involved have done gigs, concerts and been involved in activism for many years so it seemed a natural step to begin the festival. It´s a great time for anti-fascists from all over to unite and to invite new faces to come and join us.

Redstar73 Blog: What is planned for this year? How can we stay up to date with the festival?
0161 Festival Crew: So far this year, we have the biggest festival so far, with bands such as Blaggers ITA coming out to play a one-off show which we are ecstatic about. Joining them will be Rude Pride, The Oppressed, Hors Controle, Inner Terrestrials, The Prowlers and many, many more. We have expanded the acoustic stage and have that running for the three days with over 30 different acts and artists. As well the second stage is going to be hosted by a variety of different DJs and groups throughout with a whole mix of music. We will be working closely with the grassroots football club FC United down the road as well so people can attend a match there. Much more activities are to be announced over the next couple of months, you can keep up to date at these places :

Facebook – 0161 Festival
Twitter – 0161Festival
E-mail / Newsletter – manchester0161festival@hotmail.com

Redstar73 Blog: And the highlights of the festival story so far?
0161 Festival Crew: There have been too many to count really, when the first band started playing on the first day in 2014, that was a momentous occasion for the festival as it marked something really special and the beginning of this. Roddy (The Oppressed) playing with The Bois last year was tremendous and something I never thought I would see. Another would be Los Fastidios playing Antifa Hooligans and to have hundreds of people singing along in a Miners Club in Moston, that was wonderful. The Wakes a couple of years ago again, a fantastic experience, as well as having bands and artists from all over the world perform, seeing people who have never met discussing, chatting and getting on with each other in itself is great.

Redstar73 Blog: How is the scene in Manchester? Any good place to go to for visitors during the day?
0161 Festival Crew: The scene in Manchester is great, it has always had a strong anti-fascist tradition and that continues hugely to this day. The music scene is thriving, in various different guises, punk gigs are becoming more and more regular again, and there are many different nights of various styles being put on all over the city. If people are visiting the city then we recommend going to a football match at FC United, visiting both the Working class history Museum and the Peoples history museum. Many great pubs are open throughout the day as well, it´s a great city with a proud tradition and well worth visiting.

Redstar73 Blog: What are your plans for the future?
0161 Festival Crew: To keep expanding the festival, the possibilities of what we can achieve are endless. With more and more people attending every year, we want to bring more people into the anti-fascist scene, musically and socially.

Redstar73 Blog: Last words?
0161 Festival Crew: Just to say that, the festival is in the memory of people who have died at the hands of fascism and to those who keep on fighting, never give up!
Also, a quick note to the venue, the staff, the security and absolutely everyone involved with helping running the festival and allowing it to continue every year. The Miners in Moston is a tremendous venue and they have been massively welcoming and we could not do it without them.
Thanks a lot for the interview! We hope to see you at the festival later on in the year.


Autonomads – One day this will all be gone…everything now! CD

“One Day This Will All Be Gone…Everything Now!” is the second full lengh CD by this Manchester squatter/punk possé. 12 brandnew DIY anarcho/dub/ska-PUNK songs about social housing, squatting and dealing with state opposed repression in our daily lifes – Picking up the beat where their previous LP “No Mans Land” left, the Autonomads haven’t lost any of their groove and skills writing interesting music beyond a simple “dub-genre” !

They have done over 400 gigs across 8 countries, several european tours, slept on your floors, played in fields, on sites, at demos, on trucks, in clubs, in houses and meadows, free parties, warehouses, pubs.. and pretty much anywhere where you’l av them!

Heavily influenced by 90′s free-party reggae, folk, anarcho-punk, good people, ideological ranting, more good people, more ideological ranting. Always Anarchist, absolute freedom to earth, beast and mind. Everything NOW!

Track Listing:

1. Conditions Of The Working Class
2. The (A) Word
3. Dickenson Three
4. Self Help Housing
5. Headlines
6. See You At The JCP
7. Our Elizabeth
8. Coppers In The Dance
9. Breadline Britain
10. Gary Fisher
11. Notes From The Underground
12. Everything NOW!

Autonomads Interview

Redstar73 Blog: Please can you introduce your band. When was it started?
Autonomads: We are Robbie, Perkie, Iain, Eliot, Paul. We are based in Manchester UK (most of us, most of the time!) We started in 2007, since that we have had a few lineup changes, always Anarchist always Antifacist always DIY. We play a mix of dub-punk-ska, influenced by 90’s bands such as RDF, P.A.I.N AK47’s and early anarch stuff CRASS et al.

Redstar73 Blog: How important is politics for you?

Autonomads: It depends which way the word/concept ‘politics’ is understood. Ultimately our desires and ideas lie beyond the smokescreen of politics. Our goal is freedom for all things, but we are forced to understand ourselves with the framework that history, the media and the state provide. People act as autonomous human beings in many aspects of their lives, arguably these interactions exist beyond politics, or at least what politicians tell us what politics is! If politics is anti-hierarchical, anti-patriarchal, anti-fascist, anti-capitalist, anarchist on the other hand, then yes, politics is central to our lives.

Redstar73 Blog: What are your plans for the future?
Autonomads: We have just recently had a lineup change, Perkie has joined the band on Keybaords and vocals. She does her own solo stuff too, Iain and Ekiot are both in Blackstar Dub Collective so everyone is quite busy with other projects.
We are recording a new album next week (mid August) called ‘Everything Now!’. We are not doing as many gigs and festivals as we have done in previous years. We have a few gigs with UK Anarcho-Ska band Culture Shock in Autumn. We will be doing a UK tour later in the year, and next year backto the mainland, maybe Spain??!

Redstar73 Blog: You have played in Greece. Please tell us more about your experience there.
Autonomads: We met some really great people over there and made some strong connections. We were over there when the Anarchist radio station had just been shut down and a huge demonstration happened as a result of the states’ attempt to censor all independent media. People have completely rejected any notion of state reform, we agreed that here in England, maybe we still have too much to lose. We have a social security system and state housing
(for some..) but in Greece, all out war has been waged on the people. The anarchists we met were very open, warm people and we exchanged a lot of stories.
We played a gig over there with Oi Polloi and Blackstar Dub Collective, it was a benefit for VOX Social Centre in Exarchia, Athens – This place is central for anarchist organisation in Athens, they are currently collecting money for Greek anarchist prisoners such as Kostas Sakkas.
While we were there, a friend (UK) from the band we were touring with was arrested, kept in a cell, taunted by police. He was later charged and has to return to Greece for another hearing later on this year. His crime was, carrying an offensive weapon. In actual fact, he had a camping knife, while he was camping on a beach just outside of the city. What really happened is, the cops didn’t like the look of him, arrested him and decided his crime later..
It was a hell of an experience, we made some good friends, keep up to date with the news from Greece at https://athens.indymedia.org

Redstar73 Blog: Last words
Autonomads: Cheers to Redstar73 for being involved with the release of No Mans Land.
Thanks for the interview. (A) X

Black Star Dub Collective Interview

Black Star Dub Collective
Redstar73 Blog: Please can you introduce your band. When was it started?
BSDC: BSDC started at the end of 2009/early 2010. The intention was to form a collective of people who both had and hadn’t been in bands before and express our love of reggae and dub music in all its forms. The expression was to be in the format of a live band with a varying line up who all believed in the need for our music to discuss political and social issues. Our desire to deal with topical political issues was very much inspired by the way the music coming out of Jamaica and in the 60’s,70’s and 80’s had a quick fire response to social commentary (most famously the song ‘Poison Flour’ by Dr Alimantado) and how tunes could be out on record as quick as a week after the inspiration for the song had happened.

We spent a long time creating our song writing and abandoning many songs until we were comfortable with our line up at which point we booked a few gigs to force ourselves to get with the program and get our sound to the ears of the underground.

After 8 or 9 months of heavy touring and gigging including a trip out to France in summer 2011 we recorded a selection of songs to be released on a split with Manchester Dub Punks Autonomads paying homage to the birthplace of both bands we called it ‘From Rusholme With Dub’.

Last summer we continued to tour heavily and began working on new material and played lots of festivals..

Redstar73 Blog: You have just released a new single. Could you tell us more about it? When was it recorded? Who was involved?
BSDC: The song was a tune we had been jamming live based upon a dub by the Revolutionaries called ‘Kunta Kinte’ with a few borrowed lyrics from the song ‘Beware’ by Creole over the same Rhythm.

We decided to record it last summer and then the opportunity to have P. Lush of Nucleus Roots produce it came about and we jumped at the chance as we are all big fans of what Nucleus Roots do. The track was recorded by Matt Pumpkin at Pumpkin Records studios then later mixed and mastered by P. Lush.

The track is now out on 7″ and is available through,

Pumpkin Records (UK)
Antikoerper-Export (Germany)
Mass Prod (France)
Redstar73 Records (Spain)
Abracadaboum (France)
Kauriala Society (Finland)

Only 500 copies available so get one quick ..

Redstar73 Blog: Whats going on in Manchester? Any new good bands we should check out? Whats going on politically?
BSDC: There are lots of good bands in Manchester for the reggae punky/reggae fans check out Nucleus Roots,Liberation and Autonomads, for the punk fans check out Dead Subverts and Holiday and for the folk fans keep your eyes and ears peeled for Joe Yorke and the fresh band out of the ashes of Wigans finest raggamuffin dub/punk/ska legends John Player Specials the Reservoir Coots.. The OK Cafe has always got plans in Manchester it is a squatted cafe that crops up every 4/6 months for 3 or 4 weeks, running work shops, gigs and meals twice daily. Manchester Anti Capitalist Action (131 Crew) and Anti Fascist Action (161 Crew) are always working hard and Manchester Hunt Saboteurs are working very very hard.

Redstar73 Blog: What are your plans for the future?
BSDC: We have a lot of new songs that we are working on and a few new members who are contributing heavily to the sound of the new material. In the immediate future we are playing out in Athens on the 18th of May, promoting our new single, gigging and playing festivals over the summer and we have just recorded a new track for a split 7″ with Bristol reggae band One Shot which will one again be produced by Nucleus Roots Productions and hope fully released in a similar fashion to our newest 7″ across the UK and Mainland Europe (and anywhere else that will have us).

Redstar73 Blog: Last words
Check out our new single available from the record labels mentioned above thanks very much to Redstar for helping us with the release…

Facebook: Black Star Dub Collective

Buy the single here:

TNS Records Interview

Redstar73 Blog: Please can you introduce your record label. When was it started? How many releases?
TNS: Our label is called TNSrecords. We are based in Manchester, UK. The label started in 2008, but we’d been a fanzine called ‘That’s Not Skanking’ since 2003 and a band night since 2004. We have also added a podcast and a CD/vinyl/fanzine distro more recently.
We have just had TNS022 back from pressing with 023 and 024 coming soon.

Redstar73 Blog: How important is for you the DIY idea?
TNS: It is absolutely vitally important. The whole idea behind everything we started at TNS was that if other people were not promoting the gigs/releasing the music/pushing the bands we liked, then we should be doing it ourselves. Without the DIY attitude the underground punk scene could not exist. However, as a result of DIY culture the underground scene stretches worldwide. Doing everything in a DIY manner is hard work but the longer we do it, the more like-minded people we meet and as such you end up working collectively with lots of other similar labels or promoters.
The DIY attitude has been so important to underground music and it’s an amazing way for people to share skills and ideas and produce something exciting by working together.
It’s an honour to be involved with it.

Redstar73 Blog: What’s up next for the TNS, any new releases on the Horizon..?
TNS: In the last couple of months we have released our 42 track compilation ‘These Troublesome Thinkers’ and an album for fast punk band ‘Hated Til Proven’.
This week we will get a 7 inch vinyl by German band ‘BrainDead’, which we’ve released collectively with some other labels and we’ll also get a new full length from Leeds agro-folkers ‘Bootscraper’.
In August we’ll be releasing a full length album of two tone ska by ‘Faintest Idea’ and in September we’ll have a new full length by ‘Revenge Of The Psychotronic Man’, which is fast punk/hardcore.

Redstar73 Blog: What’s the punk/ ska scene like in your area?
TNS: It’s really cool. There are lots of like-minded people doing good things, lots of good bands, lots of good promoters (who do slightly different things, which keeps it nice and varied) and a handful of labels too. A couple of years ago I think there was actually too much to do in Manchester and as such some gigs were poorly attended, but now it seems to have found a level where there are plenty of gigs and plenty of people attending them, which really can’t be bad. The UK scene in gerneral is on the up.

Redstar73 Blog: Last words
TNS: Thanks loads for the interview. It’s much appreciated.
Please check out www.tnsrecords.co.uk where you can download our fanzine and podcast for free and can also visit our webstore. We stock our own releases and releases by many more underground labels. Please support small labels if you like the music, I can’t emphasise enough how important every sale is to a label such as TNS. Don’t presume other people are buying from the small labels, often they are not. If anyone reading likes the sound of what we do or any of our bands please get in touch with us/them. I’m sure all the bands we work with would love to come and entertain you/drink your beer.

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