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Mango Wood – People Rocksteady Interview


Redstar73 Blog: Please can you introduce your band. When was it started? What about your name?
Mango Wood: Mango Wood is an early reggae & rocksteady band from Madrid. The band started by the late 2015 as an acoustic project but ended up as band when we added different members and realized we had to move to a full band. We became a band in 2016 when we added the keyboard and a second guitar.
We still work and sometimes perform in acoustic set but the main focus is as a band. Now we even have a DJ set to keep on sharing music and partying till the sun rises.
The name of the band is a tribute to the mento and calypso groups that used lots of fruits and vegetables to sing about sexual related topics.

Redstar73 Blog: You guys released quite some singles and videos last year. What is the idea behind it?
Mango Wood: We love the Jamaican way of releasing singles instead of albums, the 7 inch is a format we believe in and enjoy. The idea behind videos is that whether we like it or not, we live in a world that its music is fueled by audiovisuals. So if you want to reach to a larger public, you have to include a video with the song.
Behind Mango Wood there are also people that collaborate with the audiovisuals like the Jürschik Sisters (Helvia & Julia), Mance Lopez and many more that help us develop and enhance the project

Redstar73 Blog: What are your plans for the future?
Mango Wood: We just published a 7″ with Respect Records and we are working on making a second one. We just published the B Side video and soon we will publish the A Side video of the Respect Records 7″.
We have also recorded several songs at our own studio “Imported Grooves” and they are due to mix & master. The idea is to try to find more record labels (inside and ouside of spain) that are interested in editing in a 7″ format. And we are working at the moment with the videos of those new songs so everything will be in schedule.
Summer is coming and spain has a lot of festivals that we intend to play and spread our music at.

Redstar73 Blog: How is the scene in Madrid?
Mango Wood: The scene in Madrid is complicated. There are lots of bands, sound systems and and parties, but sometimes it’s hard to reach the public. The economic crisis hit hard in spain and for some years the early reggae, ska & rocksteady shows were affected. This meant that bands from Madrid had to play for little money. Also bands from abroad stopped coming to Madrid as people didn’t have enough money to pay for the entrance, drinks and so on. But now we can see there is light at the tunnel and we are rising up from our ashes.
If we have to sumarized how the scene is, we have to say that it´s healthy in the musical aspect, lots of oldies bands like Upsttemians, Crepitans, Hypocondriacs, Steady Rockers… ska bands like Begoña Bang-Matu, Skalone, Majaicans, Hammond York, Fhin Brau, Sally Brown and many more. But it´s an underground movement, sometimes we feel we see the same faces at all the parties.

Redstar73 Blog: Give us your Top5 Reggae, Rocksteady & Ska songs.
Mango Wood:
Rudy Mills – Jon Jones
Kingstonians – Sufferer
Ethiopians – Mek you Go on So
Jack Sparrow – Ice Water
Toots & The Maytals – Funky Kingston

Redstar73 Blog: Last words!
Mango Wood: Stay tuned because Mango Wood never stops, more is coming in 2017!


The Mighty Fishers – Newsteady EP interview


Redstar73 Blog: Please could you introduce the band.
The Mighty Fishers: The Mighty Fishers was formed in 2011 and during this relatively short time we have already changed a lot.
Only CéAnne (vocals) and Peter (rhythm guitar) remained from the original crew. Also, musically we formed and evolved, if you compare our first and last releases. The foundation of the band was to play traditional, old school music but since we are different personally, the music is also something else.
In this five years we played in many countries all across Europe which is amazing considering that we started from nothing. We love our fans a lot, as they give us the energy to keep ourselves together and to prove them on every gig that it worth to polish their dancing shoes!

Redstar73 Blog: You have released a new EP called ‘Newsteady’. Please tell us more about it.
The Mighty Fishers: Yes, finally we released our awaited EP! We haven’t released anything in a while, it’s been a long road but we made new songs and it may be a new area for the band, therefore we named the baby ’Newsteady’.
The EP contains 5 brand new tracks, mostly about the world we live in. The original plan was to record an LP but many things changed around us lately, we had to change members and so forth, so we ended up with only a handful of songs actually recorded in the studio. The whole process was different with this EP, we spent more time in the studio figuring out how we can make it sound modern but still keep a perk of the
old taste.

Redstar73 Blog: What other releases have you done so far?
The Mighty Fishers: We have released three EPs so far: ’High Four’ (2011), a little collection of rocksteady classics, covers of songs we like, ’Where are you?’ (2012), the very first originals and ’Newsteady EP’ (2016). We have also released an LP (on CD and vinyl) titled ’Soul Garden’ back in 2014.

Redstar73 Blog: What are your plans for the future?
The Mighty Fishers: We definitely would love to record a new whole LP in the taste of ‘Newsteady’. Also, it would be nice to go on long-long tours to all the cities and towns the world has and introduce our music to everyone!

Redstar73 Blog: Give us your Top5 Ska songs.
The Mighty Fishers:
The Mighty Vikings – Love me forever,
Otis Gayle – I’ll be around,
Pat Kelly – How long will it take,
Jennifer Lara – A change is gonna come and last but not least Hypnotic eyes by Keith and Tex. (by CéAnne)

Redstar73 Blog: And the highlights of the Mighty Fishers story so far?
The Mighty Fishers: So many things already in such a short time! All of our releases of course, it’s always the last one which matters the most… and our gigs all across Europe: Germany, France, Italy, Belgium and many more… all were amazing and unique, giving us unforgettable memories and the reassuring feeling that we can give to our audience.

Redstar73 Blog: Last words!
The Mighty Fishers: The chorus of our new song ‘Respect Yourself’: ‘RESPECT YOURSELF, DON’T WAIT, TAKE YOUR TIME!’

The Mighty Fishers contact:

Buy the Soul Garden CD here:

Daniel Flores – Todo hombre es una isla Interview


Redstar73 Blog: Please can you introduce yourself.
Daniel: My name is Daniel. For the last twenty years I’ve played keyboards and written tunes in Satelite Kingston, an old ska band from Buenos Aires, Argentina. I’ve also played with a bunch of other people around the world. Put out a solo album called “Todo hombre es una isla”, through the always amazing Liquidator label. I’ve lived in Washington DC when I was young and I also make a living as a travel journalist. I’m the father of two little kids. They seem to like ska so far.

Redstar73 Blog: On bandcamp I found an album by Blancos Fáciles. You are listed as keyboard player. Is the band still active?
Daniel: That’s me also, yes. Blancos Fáciles is a band I like a lot. Different from Satelite Kingston, although in the ska, reggae, rocksteady field as well. A compact unit, no brass, more like a “rock band”. We haven’t been exactly active lately, but (funny) I just got a message from the guys to get back in the rehearsal room. That’s the latest.

Redstar73 Blog: You have published an interesting book, ‘La manera correcta de gritar’, about the history of the Ska scene in Buenos Aires. How did you get the idea to write about it? How was the feedback?
Daniel: That was a few years ago. It all started with a blog I have, satelitekingston.blogspirit.com. Back in 2006, Madness came to Buenos Aires first time ever. That generated a wave of “nostalgia” about the heydays of ska in Argentina during the 80s, a phenomenon that you could not find anywhere else in Latin America. Ska was HUGE here!

So, Madness comes to Buenos Aires and people, mostly old rude boys, come out of the shadows! And many of them start commenting in this blog of mine. And start telling stories. So I see something happening there and decide to get in touch with as many of these guys as I could. These are rude boys from an era even previous to Satelite Kingston, you know. And I start collecting their stories rather obsessively.

And then something else happens: I find out a lot of stuff about a certain Ronnie Montalban, an unknown Argentine singer who put out a ska vinyl record in the late sixities, which I truly recommend you hunting down as soon as you get a chance to. A total mystery, suddenly unveiled. I ended up meeting his widow, his son and some of his musicians from back then. That’s when I really had a story to tell: from this 60s oddity, to the chronicle of the 80s and 90s. It was a lot of work and a lot of fun, actually. The book is still available through its second edition. Look for it through the “Piloto de Tormenta” book label in facebook. After that, me and some other colleagues did a couple more books on odd stories from the punk and post punk scenes in Buenos Aires.

Redstar73 Blog: Please tell us more about Satélite Kingston. How many records have you done?
Daniel: We did six records. We’ve played a lot, really. Here, in Argentina, but also in Brazil (many times), Chile, Europe… We’ve been taking it a lot easier lately. We only do what we absolutely want to do. Most of the guys involved in the band happen to play in other (demanding) projects, have families… Myself, I travel quite a lot. It’s kind of hard to book many gigs. But we did manage to put out a new CD late last year: “Todo el tiempo”, with a little help from the kind and passionate people of Una Isla Club Records. I’m quite pleased with it, I must admit. We went for a different road: all in Spanish, almost no guest musicians, no cover versions. It’s more… us!

But right now we’re on that phase when what we do best is get together to eat and drink, you know. We laugh quite a lot whenever we’re around each other. And then someone pops the word “rehearsal” and everyone looks a bit uncomfortable and then we remember something funny and start laughing again. That’s kind of our little routine there. I’d say it’s perfect.

Redstar73 Blog: Back in 2012 you have released a solo album, Todo hombre es una isla. Could you tell us more about it.
Daniel: Great experience. I recorded ten tunes with a bunch of gifted musicians, not the same line up in two songs. Some Satelite Kingstonians, Victor Rice, Smooth Beans, some Crabs Corporation, Los Hamptons (check em out!!), Atsushi Ukito, J. Pezzimenti, and my good pal Jochi Descalzo, from Aggrotones and Gigantes Magnéticos and Kingston Factory.

Funnily enough, last year, the title track was used as the theme song for a big time TV series in Argentina! It’s called “Signos”, it’s about a serial killer, something that never ever crossed my mind when I wrote the song, of course! It was kind of a “Satelite Kingston out take”, kind of song I didn’t dare exposing to the band. Everyone in a band knows the feeling. But I knew I had to do something with it. So I recorded it with Atsushi Ukito, from Japan-New Zealand, whom I met through Chris Murray. It was so quick and unpretentious that Atsushi does not even remember he played on this thing. You can find the trailer in You Tube, it’s actually kind of funny to hear this deep bass reggae stuff along with this serial killer blood fest.

Redstar73 Blog: How is the Ska scene in Argentina at the moment?
Daniel: I think it’s healthy. Many bands. Many GOOD bands. I’m into it. Aggrotones, Gigantes Magnéticos (OMG, they just did an awesome record), Ska Beat City, The Crabs Corporation, Staya Staya, Los Hamptons, Sombrero Club, there’s so many good ones. I only wish there would be more audience for them, for everyone, which is not really the case. But I guess it’s the same thing everywhere, right? I was back in DC last month, went to a reggae party and it was ten of us! But I’m not complaining at all. I kind of got (and stayed) into this kind of music, this little ska world, because of its underground DNA. I love that, that’s also in me, would it be different I would be doing something else, I would not be comfortable nor interested.

Redstar73 Blog: What are your plans for the future?
Daniel:  Mmm, I hate talking about stuff I end up not doing. But… we should play a couple of gigs with Satelite later this year. I have to record some keys for Ska Beat City, otherwise they’d kill me. I think I might have a new book or something, almost finished, but I don’t know who might put it out. And many more things will come in the way, as always. I haven’t been bored in the last 25 years, believe me.

Redstar73 Blog: Last words!
Daniel: See you around!



Buy Satelite Kingston CDs here:

Satélite Kingston – Algo Tiene Que Pasar CD

Satélite Kingston – El Enemigo CD

Satélite Kingston – Mensajes CD

Satélite Kingston – …Una Isla CD

Interview with Moisty Atsushi

Redstar73 Blog: Please can you introduce yourself and all your musical projects. How did you get into ska?
Moisty: My name is Moisty Atsushi. I’m a Japanese origin and New Zealand resident. I have been playing ska in New Zealand for a long time. I’m the one leading Atsushi and the Moisties for 10 years.
I started playing with some local bands in Auckland back in 1999. Cool thing was that we supported Less Than Jake on our first or second show. So till 2006, I played with some local bands. Then I knew that time was right, so I formed Atsushi and the Moisties. Idea was that I wanted to produce traditional ska band in New Zealand. At the time, no one was playing instrumental songs or ska (to be fair some 2 tone bands and ska/punk ish bands were there, but not like the Skatalites feel).
So I have been doing this for 10 years now, we have changed a bit, but we keep it as authentic as possible. Meanwhile, I think it was about 5 years ago, I started a project, Atsushi and the Mini Moisties. I invited some kids to play my songs on a stage. They were between 9 to 13 year olds at that time. We even made an EP, Speedo together.
Mini Moisties live:
This project did not last too long. Because I got so many projects to deal with. I was involved in Chris Murray’s New Zealand tour in 2010. And the Moisties backed him up too. That was a good fun. Chris and I have known each other for sometime and talking about NZ tour too. Finally we made it happen.
Also the film, Rocksteady: the Roots of Reggae came to NZ. So DJ Mossman who was a music directer of the film, asked me to help to promote the film. We did some gigs around Auckland. I think a year later, Stranger Cole (was on the film) came to Auckland to play with us in 2011.
I started recording for the Moisties around the same time too. And that was a long and big project. It took over my life for a few years. So as you can imagine, I did not have much time for Mini Moisties.
Redstar73 Blog: Last year you have been traveling trough Europe and Asia and playing some shows. Please could you tell us about.
Moisty: I was just really lucky to have so many people who helped me out to organise for me to play gigs! I loved to play all those different places.
I played in the UK, Spain including local restaurant to Rototom Sunsplash reggae Fest, or busking in Europe, gig in Moscow with the Wheeler Dealers, gig in Hong Kong with the Red Stripes and at a Hong Kong school, some cool local venues in South East Asia. It was a lot of fun, when Offbeaters backed me up in Valencia. And last show in Singapore was very responsive. It was a great party.
I would like to go back and play again!
For me most interesting thing was meeting people. Most of those guys like same music. And they have done similar things as mine. For example, some of them I met, were promoters. I have done some promote other people in the past. We could relate in so many ways. We enjoyed, but we also took a lot of shit at the same time, you know.
And I saw you in Barcelona too! Yeah I like stuff like that, meeting like minded people.
You can check my blog for traveling and playing ska from here:
Redstar73 Blog: What’s up next for you? any new releases on the horizon?
Moisty: I’m finalising the project I started ages ago. So we have released the album last year or a year ago. If you notice, there is always version on B side of 7″, when you buy Jamaican made 7″s. So I had an idea, what if I create all different versions of the songs from the album. We won’t be able to release all songs on the album. At this point, not too sure there are enough songs to be an album. You will see in a few months. My favourite songs are Victim Of Authority ft: Lester Sterling of the Skatalites, and Rasta Cow ft: Asprila from Staya Staya in Argentina. There are few cool dub songs and versions that re-record too. Looking forward to releasing to the world soon.
Redstar73 Blog: Some of your recordings have a real authentic jamaican ska sound. How did you get the sound?
Moisty: Thanks, that was I was trying to create.
I was very fortunate that I met and talked to some legends about recording in the 60s. And I met Victor Rice in 2009. He gave me a lot of idea and tips for analog recording.
I used my old 4 tarck cassette machine instead of reel to reel. I was told that it creates milder sound. But end of the day, you preference. We tried 8 tracks on the album. I did not like much that sound.
Also we kept tempo slow, or not too fast to get better tape compression.
We tried few different ways to use mics. But we created better sound with one mic in my kitchen. I think Dedicate To Don is the best analog sound. Yup, we recorded in the kitchen and one mic, except Lester Sterling part. That had to be in his house, Florida and digital unfortunately.
Lastly my good friend, Jochi from Kingston Factory, he is alos from Gigantes Magneticos, mastered our album. I knew masting was the key issue. I knew a few people who could master in New Zealand. However no one cares Jamaican vintage music as much as Jochi. We were very happy with his work too.
Redstar73 Blog: Last words
Moisty: Last words…
Just big up to people who helped me with recordings and my travel. I’m so grad to meet those guys in my life. And most importantly people who supporting our music and ska music. We could not carry on for 10 years without any of you guys! Honestly!
If you want to hear more vintage sound, please buy our music, I can assure that I can create MORE!

Rhoda Dakar – Sings The Bodysnatchers Interview


Redstar73 Blog: You don’t need any introduction to our readers. But could you tell us what you have done lately?
Rhoda: Lately, I have been DJing on the radio, teaching, writing and playing gigs.

Redstar73 Blog: How was the recording for ‘Rhoda Dakar Sings The Bodysnatchers’? How is the feedback for the album?
Rhoda: Recording was fun – we did ten tracks live in the studio. It was more like gigging than recording, as we could all see each other. It must have worked well, as feedback has been brilliant, we got **** in Rolling Stone, Mojo and the Daily Mirror (a national newspaper). We have just received the third pressing of CDs, as it keeps selling out, and we’re on our second pressing of vinyl, with some red!

Redstar73 Blog: Are you still in touch with any of the Bodysnatchers members? Do you know what they think about the album?
Rhoda: Through Facebook, I’m in touch with Stella, SJ and Miranda. I’ve seen Stella a few times, out and about as well.

Redstar73 Blog: What are your plans for the future?
Rhoda: To write and release more music.

Redstar73 Blog: What have been your highlights music wise?
Rhoda: So many, but most recently, the album launch gig at the Jazz Café on Halloween last year. It was a great atmosphere and Lynval Golding joined us on stage for the last few songs. There’s a live download of ‘Ruder Than You’ available, with Lynval on backing vocals, from that gig.

Redstar73 Blog: Sometimes you are DJing. What are your fav songs to play and why?
Rhoda: My favourite songs are Reggae covers with female vocals. I like that they are familiar, but not quite. I always try to support female musicians in any way I can. So I play their tunes!

Redstar73 Blog: Last words
Rhoda: I’m coming to DJ at a scooter rally in Malaga, on the first weekend in June! It’s a bit early to announce, as all the details are not sorted, but hopefully I’ll be there.
Remember to visit my Music Glue site for details of gigs and to buy CDs, vinyl, downloads and t shirts!

Buy Rhoda Dakar – Sings The Bodysnatchers CD here:

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