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Roughneck Riot Interview – Folk Punk

Redstar73 Blog: Please can you introduce your band. When was it started?

Hey! We are Roughneck Riot, a Folk-Punk band from the North of England that started back in 2005 when Ryan (bass) and Matty (vox/mando) were 14/15 years old. Over time we have developed our sound to be the contemporary folk – punk sound that has moved away from traditional folk music.

Redstar73 Blog: How is the scene in Manchester?
We live in a town called Warrington which is between Manchester and Liverpool and very close to Leeds and we all constantly work with people from all over the country so the scene is pretty much spread out across the UK. Its the best scene i can imagine being in, the bands are all incredible, the majority of promoters weve played for really do their best to promote the gigs and look after the bands even with our crappy financial situation at the moment. The actual fans and friends of all the bands are amazing too, we can travel to anywhere in the country and usually find some of our friends. Its like a huge extended family!

Redstar73 Blog: How important is for you the DIY idea and politics?
I dont think its important that all bands write political music. Its an artistic expression of something so it can be anything. It just happens to be something we write about. Punk is the reason why I have the morals and ethics that I have and I think with the DIY punk scene, it goes hand in hand. The scene can only work through mutual aid and respect. Being part of a DIY scene usually means everyone is treated fairly and nobody is exploited for their efforts. Something i expect a lot of the scene wish everybody could experience, and why politics is so present in the scene. Our recent van troubles have highlighted to us how caring and generous of a scene it is if you’re willing to do whatever you can for others.

Redstar73 Blog: What’s up next for the Roughneck Riot, any new releases on the Horizon..?
Our 2015 has been absolutely chaotic so far. Losing our van was a massive punch in the gut, and weve had all sorts of personal issues to cope with so writing has been pretty slow once again, but everything feels like we’re back on track at the moment. Our year is nicely filling out with tour dates, we have our 10 year anniversary gig this weekend and we’re hunting for vans right now. It’ll take more than this to stop us.

Redstar73 Blog: Last words…
Start a band! It’s great!
Also keep checking our facebook and website for tour dates and come check us out


You can get their CD here:

TNS Records Interview

Redstar73 Blog: Please can you introduce your record label. When was it started? How many releases?
TNS: Our label is called TNSrecords. We are based in Manchester, UK. The label started in 2008, but we’d been a fanzine called ‘That’s Not Skanking’ since 2003 and a band night since 2004. We have also added a podcast and a CD/vinyl/fanzine distro more recently.
We have just had TNS022 back from pressing with 023 and 024 coming soon.

Redstar73 Blog: How important is for you the DIY idea?
TNS: It is absolutely vitally important. The whole idea behind everything we started at TNS was that if other people were not promoting the gigs/releasing the music/pushing the bands we liked, then we should be doing it ourselves. Without the DIY attitude the underground punk scene could not exist. However, as a result of DIY culture the underground scene stretches worldwide. Doing everything in a DIY manner is hard work but the longer we do it, the more like-minded people we meet and as such you end up working collectively with lots of other similar labels or promoters.
The DIY attitude has been so important to underground music and it’s an amazing way for people to share skills and ideas and produce something exciting by working together.
It’s an honour to be involved with it.

Redstar73 Blog: What’s up next for the TNS, any new releases on the Horizon..?
TNS: In the last couple of months we have released our 42 track compilation ‘These Troublesome Thinkers’ and an album for fast punk band ‘Hated Til Proven’.
This week we will get a 7 inch vinyl by German band ‘BrainDead’, which we’ve released collectively with some other labels and we’ll also get a new full length from Leeds agro-folkers ‘Bootscraper’.
In August we’ll be releasing a full length album of two tone ska by ‘Faintest Idea’ and in September we’ll have a new full length by ‘Revenge Of The Psychotronic Man’, which is fast punk/hardcore.

Redstar73 Blog: What’s the punk/ ska scene like in your area?
TNS: It’s really cool. There are lots of like-minded people doing good things, lots of good bands, lots of good promoters (who do slightly different things, which keeps it nice and varied) and a handful of labels too. A couple of years ago I think there was actually too much to do in Manchester and as such some gigs were poorly attended, but now it seems to have found a level where there are plenty of gigs and plenty of people attending them, which really can’t be bad. The UK scene in gerneral is on the up.

Redstar73 Blog: Last words
TNS: Thanks loads for the interview. It’s much appreciated.
Please check out www.tnsrecords.co.uk where you can download our fanzine and podcast for free and can also visit our webstore. We stock our own releases and releases by many more underground labels. Please support small labels if you like the music, I can’t emphasise enough how important every sale is to a label such as TNS. Don’t presume other people are buying from the small labels, often they are not. If anyone reading likes the sound of what we do or any of our bands please get in touch with us/them. I’m sure all the bands we work with would love to come and entertain you/drink your beer.

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