RPG-7 Interview

Redstar73 Blog: Please tell us the group’s history.
RPG-7: RPG-7 was formed in September 2008, in our neighborhood’s annual festival (Vallekas), with the objective of promoting marxist-leninist theory. Starting out was tough; some of the band members had never held an instrument in their hands. We started rehearsing in music studios a few hours a week and once or twice a month.
After a year, three of our members had to leave for personal reasons. It didn’t take us long to get back on our feet, finding three new members which we still have today. We started rehearsing a lot, learning from our mistakes so that we wouldn’t make them again and also trying to be consistent with our lyrics.

Redstar73 Blog: Could you tell us more about the political situation in Madrid and the a-political skinhead scene?

RPG-7: We work hard to keep the anti-capitalist struggle alive. It’s true that there are many political differences but we do try to maintain a strong political movement amongst us all. There isn’t much of an a-political scene in Madrid, it’s pretty much done with thanks to the daily work of all the different antifascist groups (RASH, SHARP, and some new 100% antifascist groups). The movement is getting bigger, leaving aside other scenes such as the punk or hardcore movement which also have a great affinity and unity when it comes to goingo to antifascist protest or concerts.

Redstar73 Blog: Any future plans? Are you recording new stuff?
RPG-7: November 1st we’ll start recording what would be our second CD.
Just as the first one, we’ll record in Corleone Studios, Madrid, with Mr. Chifly (Habeas Corpus). This time it’s going to be longer, we’ve got 10 songs that will be available after December 19th and will be edited by Sabandijas (Spanish State), Ernest Everhard Records (France) and Anfibio Records (Italy). We’ll present it in our neighborhood (Vallekas) on February 19th and from them on we have about 30 concerts planned all over the Spanish State, Portugal, France and Italy.

Redstar73 Blog: Can you tell us some more about Proletarian Rock?
RPG-7: In just a few words, it’s rock made by working class people and it deals with topics concerning the reality of the working class and the exploitation that capitalism subdues us to. It’s class struggling, revolutionary music.

Redstar73 Blog: Any last words?
RPG-7: Thanks for the interview and your interest. We shall be victorious!!


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